Émilie & Lionel – a Town Hall Wedding

As a photographer, I aspire to perfection. We all do. And when it comes to publish weddings on our blogs or adding a specific picture to our portfolio, it sure has to be perfect. This is what one would call a malpractice of the job. Eventually our favourite pictures come from the most scenic weddings we get to cover. And let’s face it, city halls and churches aren’t always the prettiest locations when it comes to aesthetics…

Last year, I received an email from a bride to be, living nearby my hometown, who was interested in working with me. While I tend to shoot a lot more with foreigners getting married somewhere in France, far from my home, I also love to work locally. Well, she insisted on telling me that “not all weddings are destinations, not all ceremonies are happening at the garden of a private property. Some of us – brides – get married at the designed city hall of our local town”.

In fact she was slightly frustrated not being able to see any pictures of a city hall wedding from my portfolio or from any of the photographers she visited before me. I admit, us photographers, we never really liked city halls. It’s small, old fashioned and most importantly it is not really intimate and way too administrative. We like to get some smiles, some tears and some emotion during the ceremony and symbolic ones tend to generate much more of theses. Therefore, we like to “forget” posting town halls ceremonies on our blogs and portfolios.

I’m glad to say I actually had the chance to work with this bride and this is her wedding day. Because town halls aren’y always beautiful but the weddings we have the chance to capture always are. Because it’s not just about the dress, the shoes, the location, – and definitely not about the city halls! – it’s also about the people and the emotions they can carry on their wedding day. Émilie & Lionel and their amazing town hall wedding!

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