Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Rumors / Speculations

September or October 2015

The Fuji Rumors site posted, earlier this month, a major news for photographers interested in the mirrorless Fujifilm x-pro2. According to their different sources, the x-pro2 would be available around September / October 2015.

Personally, I’ve been waiting to make the full switch from dslr to mirrorless cameras since shooting with the x100s and was extremely interested in the x-pro 1 released in 2012. Knowing the x-pro 2 would be available within a few months from now, I might have to show some patience.

Rumored Specs

Some of the rumored specifications about the x-pro 2:

– APS-C X-Trans 24MP sensor
– 4K video
– Dual card slots
– Smaller body
– New processor
– Wifi connectivity
– Tilt screen

Sources of the rumors

Fuji manager Toshihisa Iida
Dica Hub
Fuji Rumors

NOTE – I will be updating the rumored specs on this post as they come and go. If anyone have more information about this camera, please feel free to leave a message in the comment section.

Hands on review of the x-pro 1 by Kai

Since no official statement, therefore review, of the x-pro 2 have yet made an apparition, here is the previous Digital Rev review of the excellent x-pro 1 which should give an idea on how better could an improved x-pro version would be.