Fujifilm X100S vs Canon 6D Comparison

I recently purchased a Fujifilm X100S that I intend to use for travel and street photography. I basically never really planned to use this camera for weddings, portraits or any paid photo shoots, thinking it would not perform as well as a full frame for this kind of photography. I actually knew what to expect from this camera after reading different reviews about it, but the X100S did surpass my expectations.

I’m aware that comparing a full frame like the Canon 6D to an APS-C mirrorless camera with a fixed 35mm equivalent lens is like comparing apples to oranges, but it was interesting for me, fresh owner of both cameras, to know how they perform in similar conditions during a shooting – and by similar conditions I mean using the same focal length, aperture and camera settings.

Please note I do not intend to provide a scientific test, but instead, directly compare the image quality of both cameras in real life situation. I used the Fuji X100S with its fixed 35mm equivalent Fujinon F/2 lens and the 6D with the Canon 35mm F/2 IS lens. Shooting raw with the same settings for both camera.

Fujifilm X100S vs Canon 6D Com
Raw versions.

Fujifilm X100S vs Canon 6D Com
Edited versions using Vsco for Lightroom. Kodak Portra 400.

For my eyes, the image quality of the X100S is superior to the Canon 6D. The skin tones, colours and dynamic range of the Fuji are better. It is also very pleasing to work with, in post production, with such great latitude. I believe I ended up creating a better picture with the Fuji. Obviously the X100S has its limits. It’s a fixed 35mm lens camera leaning towards a documentary approach and it won’t replace a dslr camera system when fast lenses and longer focal lengths are needed. But this camera was never made to compete with the dslr market on the first place. But it does performs accordingly when needed. After this quick test, I feel confident in using the X100S for professional work. And I will definitely put it to the test using it for more than travel and street photography.

NB: More photos using the X100S during this photo shoot here.

  • Rob Jenkins - thanks for doing this comparison. I find the same results with my Fujis I use and XT-1 and XE-2 for weddings but have my wife help with her Lumix and I really see the difference in the style of the images. Yeah I do tend to shoot Astia but that is a big part of the appeal for me as it gives me a great photo to work with, often not needing to do any post work on the file.ReplyCancel

  • Alfred C Iberri - I have a 7D, 6D and X100s. The 7D is the best camera the 6D I think takes the best pictures.ReplyCancel