What I Learned from being a Wedding Photographer

While I started photography through sport and commercial work, I quickly had the opportunity to shoot weddings. Often underestimated and considered “cliché” by the photography community, wedding photography is also one of best school for photographers. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that doesn’t leave any room for mistakes. There is a few aspects of photography I would have never learn if it wouldn’t have been from weddings.

I learned to anticipate
You simply cannot wait something happen and hope to have a good shot at it. You need to anticipate the day, anticipate each shot, and anticipate the reaction of the people during a complete day. We’re talking about a 12 to 16 hours day in the wedding industry by the way.

I learned to improvise and compromise
Because things don’t always go your way at weddings. The schedule is often delayed, not always respected and you often end up with less allocated time than planned for some events of the day. When you won’t be able to organise the photo shoot of the couple as scheduled because of a sudden change in the timeline appeared, you have to improvise, compromise and come up with a solution.

I learned to adapt 
With each wedding comes a different situation and environment. No matter how successful was the shooting of the previous wedding, the next one might be completely different. Some weddings are more challenging that others and the key is to remain flexible to each situation and individual.

Shooting weddings was the best school I could have ask for and it definitely helped me becoming a better photographer. I learned a lot from weddings and keep learning from it. Even if I will not shoot much weddings anymore in 2015, it’s something I always enjoy shooting. Photographers have a lot to benefit from shooting weddings. It is a great place to learn photography. Because if you can shoot a wedding, you can shoot anything.

What I Learned from being a Wedding Photographer